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Ongoing Flute and Piccolo Lessons for the Remote and Local Student

Hi, I’m Susan! I’m a flutist and flute instructor with over 33 years of experience.


I’m a graduate of the UMKC Conservatory of Music (BM), the Cincinnati College Conservatory (MM) and attended Manhattan School of Music in New York City. My experience in music performing and teaching spans over 30 years.  I continue to prepare flutists for their school bands, studio and live recitals, church, holiday and charity events, auditions for local, national and international competitions, and college conservatories online  as well as in-person lessons.  

How I Started

How I Started

Lessons and Coaching

Lessons and Coaching

I provide a range of services designed to help students of all ages and skill levels develop their flute playing abilities.

Private Flute Lessons

1-on-1 lessons tailored to my student's needs and goals with guidance.

Group Lessons

Let's play for and with each other in a group setting! Learning is fun with others.

Band Sectional

Build a better flute foundation for your flute section or prepare for an upcoming concert.


I'm happy to lead a class of flutists through their prepared performances.


"I wish ALL my students studied with you. You have made such a difference in the lives of all of students. THANK YOU!"
Dr. Marion Roberts, Blue Valley North High School
"So thankful for finding your website page and signing {daughter} up for flute lessons with you. You are so awesome at inspiring her and probably all your students. Thanks for all that you do to teach, inspire and motivate her."
“Susan’s flute studio stands out in the region for producing artistically mature and technically advanced students. I’m always impressed when I hear her students and it’s clear that Susan is an outstanding teacher.”
Professor Carmen Lemoine

It's more than just flute lessons

It's more than just flute lessons

Musical Enrichment

With a deeper understand of music, you'll be able to become a well-rounded musician and explore various music styles.

Learning Journey

Together, we'll embark on your musical journey that focuses on your strengths and address your weaknesses.

Support System

I'm your all in one support system: teacher, coach, and cheerleader!

Building Confidence

Become the musician you already are by tapping into your abilities!

Are you ready?

Let’s work together and get you to where you want to be!

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