Nothing is more satisfying as a teacher than seeing my own students make progress, reach their own goals and take pride in their own playing successes.  Congratulations and thank you, year after year, to my past and current students who continually make my job as their instructor so very fulfilling!

Here are some of the successes from the Murphy Flute Studio from the last 28 years.  Every one of these achievements has taken  focus and dedication. 


2018 Missouri All State Band and Orchestra Flutist

2018Kansas Sousa Band 1st, 2nd Chair Flutists

2018 UMKC Honor Band 8th grade Nominee

New Horizons Band Flutist

UMKC Conservatory  Flute Performance Students

Johnson County Shooting Star Nominee

 435 S Magazine Featured Musician

U.S. Sound of America Honor Band

2007 K.C. Fringe Festival Jazz Improv. Composer and Performer

2008, 1994  National Flute Association  K.C. Convention Performers

Kansas All State Band and Orchestra Principal Chair

Kansas and Missouri District Band Principal Chairs

State Solo Ensemble Performers  (many)

Kansas City Youth Symphony Concerto Soloist

Overland Park Orchestra Concerto Soloist

Leawood and Blue Valley North High School Concerto Soloists

Kansas City Flute Association Masterclass Performers

Blue Valley High School Marching Band Soloist and Band Director Summer Assistant

K.U. and CMSU Summer Music Camp Scholarship Recipients

Rocky Ridge Music Camp Attendees and Concerto Soloist

Church Soloists and Flute Choir Director

K.C.  Symphony  Flutists  for Corliagno’s Pied Piper Fantasy

I was very fortunate to have always learned throughout my own private and conservatory years of instruction, from instructors who could always demonstrate wonderfully and  exactly what it was I was learning to do.  I was always in awe of their abilities in lessons and this was constant motivation for me.   Thank you to teachers Barbara Hale, Dr. Mary Posses, Linda Chesis, Kyril Magg, Jack Wellbaum, and the many others at summer camps and master classes.  Thank you to my students who keep me on my toes throughout the years.