Your inquiries are always welcome about available lesson times and/or my own studio guidelines.  You may call 913.220.3195 or email me anytime.

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 Nothing is more important to me than seeing a student progress and enjoy their musical experiences.  My Guidelines are based on my goals and experiences as a professional  instructor for over 30 years.  While being very much a people-person, I aim to bring out the best abilities in every player while they learn great basics.  This has always proven over time to give my students great pride in themselves.

Home-based instruction continues to offer my students the following benefits: 

  •  Sharing my great collection of recordings, books, music, instruments
  •  Sharing of current flute information posted continually in a regular studio
  •   Ease of scheduling in my own studio with its own entrance or online
  •   A quiet environment for both of us to focus and enjoy our playing-no trombones or drums next door or in the background!
  •   The freedom to choose the best instruments and repairmen

Lessons are also now available by many online platforms at all time zones many days and evenings of each week.