Testimonials from the last 33 years

Nothing is more satisfying as a teacher than seeing my own students make progress, reach their own goals and take pride in their own playing successes. Congratulations and thank you, year after year, to my past and current students who continually make my job as their instructor so very fulfilling!  Here are a few gracious comments our studio has received: 


Susan from her studio 2020

“I wish ALL my students studied with you. You have made such a difference in the lives of all of students. THANK YOU!”

-Dr. Marion Roberts, Blue Valley North High School

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.  Susan has always shown that light within. Her teaching will affect eternity because her influence in their lives will never stop.”

-Cyndi Jones

“You have such a gift of playing, teaching and working with people.”

-Rose Bills Fife, UMKC Conservatory Student

“Susan’s flute studio stands out in the region for producing artistically mature and technically advanced students. I’m always impressed when I hear her students and it’s clear that Susan is an outstanding teacher.”

-Professor Carmen Lemoine

“I’ve been taking lessons from Susan for about 8 years now. She has helped me develop as a player on both flute and piccolo, leading me to make the All-State Band. She has also helped me develop as a person, teaching me many skills that lead me to become Drum Major of my marching band. Going through high school my schedule progressively got crazier and crazier, but the whole time Susan was very helpful by adapting as needed. Her appreciation and passion for all music have truly rubbed off on me, and I will continue to reflect on our lessons for the rest of my life.”

-Jack McGregor

“… for the first time in quite awhile, [daughter] was enthusiastic about her music. …. your feedback gave her renewed energy and spark. She is very excited to begin lessons with you.”


“I am happy to recommend Susan Murphy. She was my flute teacher from when I began playing in my Blue Valley middle school until I graduated from high school. Throughout this time, I became an accomplished musician, earning first chair positions in the Kansas All-State Band and Orchestra and consistently receiving the highest ratings at state solo competitions. I worked hard, but I credit Susan with a high degree of patience, creativity, and organization as she helped me achieve my goals.”

-Rachel Olson

Susan Murphy being a master flutiest is an architect of budding talent and a nurturer of emerging dreams.  Over the years, I am captivated each time I hear one of her students, each echoing her dedication, patience, and expertise.  Their transformation from tentative novices to confident musicians speaks volumes of her unparalleled teaching methods.  Beyond the technicalities, she instills in them a deep appreciation for the art and a passionate commitment to honing their craft, shaping not just musicians but well-rounded individuals.  Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, Plano, Texas

“So thankful for finding your website page and signing {daughter} up for flute lessons with you. You are so awesome at inspiring her and probably all your students. Thanks for all that you do to teach, inspire and motivate her.”


“Throughout the last ten years I’ve studied flute with Susan, she has continuously inspired my creativity and motivated me to keep setting higher goals in my practice and musical presentation. Susan’s attention to detail has been extremely valuable during performance preparation, and her support has helped me practice efficiently and sustainably over the years for auditions, ranging from local Kansas honor bands to more selective summer programs and competitions. Between my lessons, charity recitals, playing many duets and small-ensemble pieces with Susan and other students, and the opportunities to participate in local masterclasses, I have grown both musically and emotionally. I am incredibly grateful and excited to carry the experiences I’ve had in the Murphy Flute Studio with me!”

-Nithya Kailad

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